Gala Reminder Sept and Oct 2017

Thurrock SC – Alan Mitchell Memorial CQ Meet Oct 2017
Sat 07 Oct & Sun 08 Oct – 2 Day Licensed Level 3 Meet

Venue: Blackshots Leisure Centre, Grays, Essex, RM16 2JU

Sat 07 Oct – meet for 12-12:30pm, Sun 08 Oct – meet for 8-8:30am
Session 1 Warm-up:   1:00pm     Session 3 Warm-up:   9:00am
Session 2 Warm-up: 5:20pm       Session 4 Warm-up:   2:00pm
Please remember to sign-in.
HDW – Awards to the first six placed swimmers in each age group.

Sunday 24 September 2017 – Waterside –

Club Champs – In-House Gala 2017

Meet Time – 5:30pm in Studio room for 20 mins of land training.

Get Ready – 5:50pm – please use the changing village before swim school then  congregate on pool side at the deep end corner.


Meet Time – 5:30pm – we have half an hour in which to set all 6 blocks up, wash  pool surfaces, set flags up and put out as many chairs round pool-side for parents to sit on.

Blue Shoe covers MUST BE WORN ON POOL-SIDE or
bare feet are acceptable.

Start & Finish – 6:00pm – 8:00pm